Our Team

We have a great experienced staff of experts with over 80 years of combine experience. Our professional groomer has 25 years of experience and is a local favorite. We have some of the most experienced & knowledgeable trainers in the industry with over 45 years of experience at the national & international level. The Owner has been in the dog industry for over 15 years with knowledge of breeding conditioning training nutrition and general dog behavior.

Professional Groomer





About Our Pet Store

Obedient by Nature is your one stop shop for all your pet care needs.

Our friendly staff is here to assist both you and your fur baby from the moment you walk through the door. Whatever your reason for your visit we have you covered. On our Scrub Tub side we offer full service grooming done by a professional groomer or a self service option you can do yourself.

 We believe training is the cornerstone for a long, happier, and safe relationship with your canine companion. We focus on building a stronger bond between you & your canine companion.

          Here at Obedient by Nature we carry a wide variety of dog food from five star dry food to value bags to gourmet can stews as well as a wide selection of a well balanced raw diet options.